The world is a beautiful place. This is your time to experience the expansion that comes with a solo journey.

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Future Traveler of the World

Welcome! If you find yourself, time and time again, making excuses, waiting for others, giving into fear, or simply feeling ‘lost’ when planning a trip, we get it. We’ve been there, too. Awakened Solo Travels was created for women just like you. You have big dreams and desire deep change… You just need an extra nudge from fellow female travel experts who care.

We're built for women who:

  • Are overwhelmed by the trip-planning process and information overload.
  • Love to travel but haven’t been on a solo trip ... yet!
  • Want to spend their precious time traveling, not planning!  
  • Want to learn to steer the ship and have unique and special experiences on their own.
  • Aren’t looking to just cross off activities but crave deeper change in their life.
  • Want to feel supported and guided as they take their first step toward solo travel.
  • Seek the personal growth and evolution that solo travel provides.
  • Want to delegate the trip-planning task to an expert ... who does it really well!

Trip Planning for Women Who Want to Travel Solo

You don’t have to wait for someone else to join you or lead the way. We equip you with the knowledge, tools and mindset you need to create your own life-changing adventure.

Our daily itineraries are 100% personalized to you.
You’ll get a completely customized AST Travel Planner with daily itineraries tailored to your budget, timeline and interests.


  • A dedicated digital trip dashboard, where you can save all the important information you’ll need for your trip
  • Key information about where you’re headed and need-to-know facts
  • Accommodation suggestions in your desired price range and the most convenient locations
  • Transportation options, how to get around the city, and airport transfer info
  • Where to eat and drink, and which local foods to try
  • Insurance suggestions, so you stay covered and safe
  • Country-specific travel and etiquette tips 
  • Customized Google Maps with pinned locations of your choosing
  • Tours, activities and experiences lists tailored to your interests
  • A packing list for your chosen destination
  • Safety tips for traveling as a solo female
  • Full trip itinerary with a detailed daily calendar 
  • Budget-tracking guidance and money-saving tips
  • Plus 24/7 support via Whatsapp before and during your trip
  • And so much more!
  • Safety tips for traveling as a solo female
  • Full trip itinerary with a detailed daily calendar 
  • Budget-tracking guidance and money-saving tips
  • Plus 24/7 support via Whatsapp before and during your trip
  • And so much more!

Personalized daily travel itinerary

Links to book accommodations and experiences

Food and restaurant recommendations

Expert travel guidance from experienced women travelers

Unlimited chat support

One-on-one mindset coaching

Take The First Step Toward Your Dream Trip & New Life!

Let’s Talk About Your Mindset

Solo travel isn’t just about planning an itinerary and booking flights. For many women, mindset is a key factor.

We get it. A lot of us feel timid about taking off on our own. You might feel worried or anxious about being alone in a foreign place, what it’ll be like to travel without a companion, or what steps to take to stay safe. That’s where coaching comes in.

In addition to our in-depth travel planning, we offer mindset coaching to help you prepare and get the most out of your travels.

Hesitations? Reservations? Concerns? Our one-on-one coaching calls are designed to help you talk through the most pressing topics and integrate mindset practices so you feel prepared to travel with confidence.

Here's How It Works

Our process begins with a one-on-one discovery call and questionnaire to learn about where and when you want to travel – and how we can help remove the hurdles that may be preventing you from turning your travel dreams into reality.

We take the time to discover what you want from your trip, taking into consideration your interests, preferences, budget and goals. Then we create your completely customized Travel Planner.


Fill us in about where and when you want to go, your budget, interests and preferences


Dive into the details with one of our solo travel experts during your complimentary Discovery Call


Select your Awakened Solo Travels trip-planning package


Complete your detailed
Trip Discovery Form


Receive your customized
AST Travel Planner


Pack your bags and fly
(with 24/7 support from AST!)

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